My experience on blogging:

Published December 17, 2013 by jewing27

Hello Followers,bloggingimagesCATPVC3D

As you may know that I am a student at southern Vermont College, that was taking a course called Social Media and Digital class. During this course, I have made this wonderful blog that you are seeing now, and I just wanted to tell you what I learned from blogging. To be 100% honest with you, I first didn’t understand what blogging meant, because it just seemed so broad. The only thing I knew about blogging was people expressing their feelings on their favorite topic and write about it, to show the world. It’s sort of like a small diary, but its in the public.

Here are some things that I learned about blogging.

  • Think of a great topic title
  • Have to maintain your blog to the topic of your blog, or the point of the website
  • Keeping up with posts  (every week at least have one post)
  • Learing how to write formally instead of how I would write in a journal or diary
  • Asking questions to my followers about the topic
  • Getting my blog out there to the public, (by email, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc)
  • Try to intrigue my followers,  ( don’t want to lose my followers) keep in touch

Those are some of the things I learned about blogging.

Let’s just say it wasn’t easy or hard, but it was medium level. I defintely want to keep my blogging site, since I took so much time into it.

My favorite blog that I wrote, would have to be The Civil Disobedience post. I had to do a lot of researching, but I also enjoyed that one the most. I also got the most responses out of it. I enjoyed writing all my blogs, and yes, it can be a little repetitive one some of them.

My goal for this blog, was to help people understand what social media is and what it can do.  Our generation is so strong about technology, that we sometimes forget how to pick up a book, or spent time with your friends, like the olden days.

Just remember, to not ALWAYS go on Facebook, Twitter , etc, when you are with your friends or family time. You can go on online when your free and bored. Remember, everyone has a voice and they want to listen to it, that’s why we have tongues. For the older generation, if you have kids or going to have kids in the future, please show them how to have fun without the internet. There are so many ways to communicate besides internet, or texting. Be safe and don’t text and drive, because a text can wait.

To sum it all up, I hope I helped you understand what social media is.  As again, if you want me tow rite anything else about the social media life, I will glady help you. I enjoyed writing my blogs, and I will continue writing them. Happy Holidays!!!


Do you get ideas from Pinterest?

Published December 6, 2013 by jewing27


In this blog, I am going to write a reaction post on social media. The article is about “Study: Pinterest Makes the Holiday season Less Stressful. I picked this article because I am trying to find out more information on Pinterest and what the benefits are. Pinterest is a website that is usually “all” graphics and there are so many categories on there. For example, food and drink, holidays and events, DIY and Crafts, and lots more. In the article, it talks about how Pinterest can be easy marketing on what you want for any ideas, but this one is about holidays. Did you know that 92 percent of Pinterest users said the social network makes the holidays less stressful, and 27 percent says that the pin-board style makes is much less stressful.

A lot of people use Pinterest for ideas for any events, but the popular one is weddings, and holiday crafting and holiday foods. The great thing about Pinterest is its pretty much for all users (any age), and there are millions of ideas. You  can either ‘pin it’ or ‘like it’, but either way it saves it to your account.

For me, I usually pin stuff, and I can share it on Facebook, or twitter. Everyone can see what I pinned and maybe I could have given them an idea on whatever I pinned. I do have a couple of boards for each category, and they seem to fill up. I love going on Pinterest and looking at new and random ideas.

I think everyone should go on Pinterest and I will guarantee you that you will like something on that website and then you will get addicted to it. It’s definitely a lot different than Facebook and Twitter, but what person doesn’t like looking at graphics that mean a lot in your eyes.

“Study: Pinterest Makes the Holiday Season Less Stressful [Infographic]”. Andre Bourque December 6th, 2013.

Life is Good-personal post

Published November 24, 2013 by jewing27


Hello to my followers, I am not going to write about any social media facts for this week. IF you are from the United States, you must know that Thanksgiving is this Thursday. I am saying this because; I want to express my followers on whom and what I am thankful for. I am sorry to my followers on you expecting me to write a post about social media. If you are upset about it, please inform and I can help you out, and write a personal post for you.

I hope I will make some of you guys laugh on what I am thankful for. Enjoy!

Continuing on thankfulness: 10 things that I am thankful for

1. I am thankful for my Family and Friends.

2. I am thankful for having an education and continue to be smarter towards my future.

3. I am thankful for my two fish, Sparkle and Cleo.

4. I am thankful for my FOLLOWERS because without you guys, I wouldn’t keep going with my blog.

5. I am thankful for living in such a beautiful house, and a beautiful atmosphere.

6. I am thankful for Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, apple and pumpkin pie. (I hope I made you laugh a little).

7. I am especially thankful for the person who created the internet (Tim Berners -Lee) (we wouldn’t have internet. For example, Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, emails, etc.)

8. I am thankful for all the four seasons in New England.

9. I am thankful for my ipad, cellphone, ipod, and my laptop. (hehhehee)

10. I am thankful for my teachers/professors for giving me such high hopes towards my career.

11. I am thankful for medication, hospitals, and doctors to make us live longer and better.

I hope you all enjoyed on what I am thankful for.


What are you thankful for? Please respond to this post, I would appreciate it. Thanks.


Are icons important in the social media world?

Published November 22, 2013 by jewing27


Do you wish you were the one creating the icons?

In our world as of today, we rely on icons because they are pictures and it’s easier to remember what it is. Well, in our social media world, we have different icons for each media link. For example, Twitter, we have a blue bird or a letter “T”. Do you ever wonder, where people get those ideas?

For Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said, “I made it “Facebook” blue because I’m color-blind.”  The Facebook symbol  is the word “Facebook” in white lettering and a blue background shape as a rectangle. Do you think the Facebook icon is boring? Do you wish other social media icons were simple or more creative?

I think we need our icons to be more creative, and for me as a girl standing point, “cuter”. When you are on your own website, do you wish you could fix the icons to match your theme? Well, there is a way to do it. Go to, Real world Graphics to create your own icon. There are other websites out there to create your own icon, just go to Google and type in “icon generator” or “Icon maker”.

Icons can help lots of people in different ways.

  1. Icons can attract others
  2. Icons can increase readability
  3. Icons can be put as a content

You usually see an icon/symbol every time you go to a website. For example, on , you see the letter W with a blue circle around it. Or if you are on Google, you see the letter G with blue around it. Those are icons that you probably don’t even notice. Pictures and symbols are with a thousand words. You see a picture in the front page of a newspaper and you are intrigued to read it now because you want to know what else happened or to get more information out of it. Icons are a different way to advertise your website. For the readability part above, that means you just don’t want plain old bullets, you want other designs. For example, stars, check marks, squares, and etc.

You think about how icons can afflict on you.

“How and Why Icons improe improve web design” Nikolaj Mertz (august 7, 2012) www.

My ways on how I promoted my blog

Published November 13, 2013 by jewing27

ImageImageA blog is when you write a topic that you are interested in and tell people on what you know or how you feel about that topic. To be able to do that, you need to promote your page and show it to the world and not just your friends. The best way to start promoting your blog is to send out an e-mail to mostly everyone in your address book and send the link to the e-mail. But, now days, you need to do more than that. I will be telling you, how I promoted my blog page and the pros and cons to my steps on promoting my page. 

In today’s business world, we need to advertise as much as we can to attack and gain customers or other business companies. Most of the times, when you are promoting a business you need to pay money to promote your page. Paying money to promote your page can be faster and a little more efficient.”Who wants to pay when you can get it for free.”  For me, I am a student and I just want to get other people’s attention to look at my blog without paying. I think my way is a lot more challenging than paying to promote your blog, but as again this is my opinion. It is also time consuming, but it all ends well.

You first have to do research on what websites you want to advertise. I wanted to be a little more creative, I have been promoting my blog with other social media websites. Here are some of my links that I have been using with other social media sites:   Social Media Facts  , Twitter#it352 , Foursquare .  The links that I just showed you, I had to advertise my blog page to other bloggers. I usually said, “Hey, I am college student taking a social media course, I would like you to check out my website and maybe right a comment on any of my blogs. I would appreciate it. Thanks.”

I picked those links because “Most” people have a Facebook, Twitter, and pinterest, etc. I didn’t want to go a random site that other people would have to sign up.

The worst part is probably waiting for a response, or how many views or “likes” you got on each of your websites. The first week I didn’t get any responses, but I did look at my statistics report, and I saw some views and a visitor on my blog page. Unfortunately, no one has commented on my blogs, but at least other people look at it. You have to start slow, like baby steps, and then gradually build up. I’m not asking for a million or thousand followers, I just want people to look at my blog so I can help them with any information about social media.

Later on, I noticed that I needed to change some of my subject topics, to make it more interesting and catch people’s eyes. I also went on to other bloggers websites and saw what they had for ideas, and I searched in promotion bloggers to get some ideas. To be honest, promotions stink and I just wish you could just put something out there once and not a million times to find people to follow you. It’s such a silly thing that we do and we waste our time and sometimes money. But, if you do have follows like me, I do have to keep up my blog page, and my other pages that I have created to attract other bloggers. It’s such a hard job to do, that I should be getting paid to do this. Just kidding, I’m only a student that’s taking a social media course. But, later on in life, if I ever need to promote something, I will definitely have enough experience to do so.

I will still continue to promote my blog to the world, even when I am done with my class. As again, you have to be patient, and stay calm. If you haven’t looked, I added a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest tag below each of my posts. I have made some new followers on each of my pages, and will update on them each time. My post is a brief blog on the steps to promoting my blog page, if you would like more, please comment below, and I will happily tell you more about my experience.

Do you think promoting a blog is hard without having to pay? How many followers would you like to have on your blog? How successful were you when you first started to promote?


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“the ultimate guide: 5 ways to promote your blog effectively in 2013” Segun  (2013) all rights reserved

What is Civil Disobedience in the Social Media?

Published October 30, 2013 by jewing27


The definition of “Civil Disobedience” is a social control refers generally to societal and political mechanisms or processes that regulate individual and group behavior in an attempt to gain conformity and compliance to the rules of a given society, state, or social group. A better way to put that is when people protest and who refuse to obey the laws of the government, and want to change things.  The problem about the disobedience with others, they can either hurt people, kill, or just cause an annoyance to the public. In our social world, protesting is such a great idea, because it will hit to the media. We get what we want, and we have to fight for it.

For example, I just recently watch documentation on “The Pussy Riots” and it takes place in Moscow, Russia. It’s about these three women who protest on what Putin (the government of Russia), on to what he has to say. The girls were biased against everything about Putin’s laws and rules. They wanted to stand up for themselves and others, but eventually they got caught during a church (cathedral) form of act. They went to prison for two years, one got out because she was not guilty. But as again, these women didn’t want to hurt anyone, they just wanted to make a statement on what they believed was right.

In the social media world, civil obedience can take place in many ways. Usually when a “riot” or a “protest” happens, it gets small and then bigger. When it gets bigger, and it’s about something extremely serious, that’s when it hits the television channels, Youtube, newspapers and other media.  Usually, this happens in an hour or in a couple of hours later and it would say, “breaking news”.

When you are living in a country, you should always follow the rules and the laws that the government or even the President have made. We have governments and a President in almost every country just to keep us (humans) all safe. Yes, the government at some point will have a breakdown period, but we are not perfect. For example, the government shut down in the fall of  2013. Our Government decided to shut down because of the Obama Care, because they didn’t want to sign it. Obama kept on giving them the contract to sign, but they (The Congress) kept on refusing, and that’s when it made a bigger issue. Eventually, a couple weeks later, the Government finally opened because they noticed that they caused such a chaos decision and hopefully won’t do it again.

Another issue with the government on Social media is cell phones. A year ago, the government now can hack through your calls and record them if they hear any mysterious callings. I think this is a good idea, and how do you know that the government wasn’t recording your phone calls before. It’s not a big deal. Pretty much you can record your phone calls or go to your company and get your account and see all the details, it’s simple as pie.

Back to the social media part, when something like that happens, it’s now in the public and the publicity loves the attention because they get paid for it. Also, when these things happen, it’s open for all ages because anyone can go look at a TV or go on the internet or even read a newspaper if they wanted to. The one thing that I have noticed when something went wrong in the world (chaos), I noticed that it’s already on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other sites. I feel like I don’t even have to at the television. For me, I don’t watch TV that much when I am at school, so Facebook is like a news station for me, because I see other people’s comments/statuses about what happened in the world. IT’s sort of sad, but our society, is now trusting the media world, and we have to trust it back.

Our society is strong, especially when we are involving on showing the whole world. It’s now this thing called the “news” and us people, love to hear about all of the drama. Also, we wouldn’t know any of other civil disobedience if we hadn’t had any social media. We need jobs, so we have “news people” to tell us the information on what is going around the world.  My question is would you be safe if we hadn’t known about anything except in the country that you are living in? What if you wanted to travel, but you wanted to know if that country had a war, or other troubles/problems. This is when Social Media hits to the public. Yes, in most cases it gets out to the public, but then it stay to the public way too long, and we get annoyed about it. When it’s in the public, whoever and whatever the situation is, they are trying to make a statement, and then there are other people who want to protest against on what they are protesting on. So the media loves the good and the bad side of any situation.

I wouldn’t be safe if there wasn’t any media in the world, would you?

Here’s a video:


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