Is Social Media Ruining Our Personal Lives?

Published October 9, 2013 by jewing27



Did we forget how to talk in person (face to face)? I think we did, because we can now chat online to our friends with Facechat, AIM, e-mail and even Skype. I find this a personal issue if no one can talk to someone in person because we lose social cues and facial expressions. Internet is definitely a non-verbal thing because we can’t see the other persons face except Skype, Face chat, Ovoo, etc.

The big issue is when we talk online, we want to be more honest with others instead in person. I understand some people aren’t comfortable with face to face but you are going to see that person more than twice a week and you need to be brave and show off your social skills. We can hide our faces and type in what and how we feel. It’s sort of like a secret diary because we just type in whatever and then click send and sometimes you regret on what you just said. It can be a little dangerous. I think we need to teach our kids or our new generation that talking in person with a problem is ten times better than online. It’s more professional and you are going to have to talk in person when you have a job because you have conferences and meetings. For example, for advertisement, you need to advertise your company by talking in person, papers, T-shirts, etc. Us humans have voices and let’s use them for the right purposes and have fun with it.

“Communication is constantly evolving. Some people are as used to seeing their friends’ online avatar as they are their face,” Yazino founder Hussein Chahine said in The Telegraph. “People increasingly prefer quick and frequent engagement with instant updates on news than a prolonged chat and are also finding new ways to catch up with friends from the comfort of their sofa.” (USA Today college, Jasmine Fowlkes).

Do you get jealous when your best friend has more friends than you? Do you compete with others? Do you update your Facebook everyday? I see Facebook as a competition to others because you want to be the popular one. You compete on how many “likes” you get, or comments from your status, etc. For me, I want to entertain my users, so I try to put up funny stuff that people would enjoy and not the boring stuff. An example, “I am going to class”, “I had the best dinner ever!”. To me that is boring, I want to put funny status as, “It’s Hump Day”, and funny pictures. Speaking of pictures, if your friend wasn’t invited to an event that person will see it on Facebook from their other friends and the person who didn’t go will get very upset. No one wants to lose their best friend from Facebook, or any friend. When I was younger, I used to stalk my best friends, and I got upset if I didn’t go to that birthday party or going to the beach in the summer time. I go with my friends all the time, but I don’t need to put pictures up all the time of everything I did with my friends. I find that silly. Just put a couple of pictures up that looks descent, nice, and fun so that everyone will enjoy them.

We just need to learn how to be nice online and not get upset over other people’s thoughts, pictures, statuses and many more. As again, Facebook is not a competition, it’s just a fun way to socialize with others, and catch up with your friends. Do you want people to know your personal identity, you choose.


“NYA P: says social media is ruining interpersonal relationships. By, P Nya. (may 13, 2013) digital lives: what’s your status?

“Opinion: why social media is destroying our social skills” by Fowlkes, Jasmine. (October 11, 2012)

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