My experience on blogging:

Published December 17, 2013 by jewing27

Hello Followers,bloggingimagesCATPVC3D

As you may know that I am a student at southern Vermont College, that was taking a course called Social Media and Digital class. During this course, I have made this wonderful blog that you are seeing now, and I just wanted to tell you what I learned from blogging. To be 100% honest with you, I first didn’t understand what blogging meant, because it just seemed so broad. The only thing I knew about blogging was people expressing their feelings on their favorite topic and write about it, to show the world. It’s sort of like a small diary, but its in the public.

Here are some things that I learned about blogging.

  • Think of a great topic title
  • Have to maintain your blog to the topic of your blog, or the point of the website
  • Keeping up with posts  (every week at least have one post)
  • Learing how to write formally instead of how I would write in a journal or diary
  • Asking questions to my followers about the topic
  • Getting my blog out there to the public, (by email, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc)
  • Try to intrigue my followers,  ( don’t want to lose my followers) keep in touch

Those are some of the things I learned about blogging.

Let’s just say it wasn’t easy or hard, but it was medium level. I defintely want to keep my blogging site, since I took so much time into it.

My favorite blog that I wrote, would have to be The Civil Disobedience post. I had to do a lot of researching, but I also enjoyed that one the most. I also got the most responses out of it. I enjoyed writing all my blogs, and yes, it can be a little repetitive one some of them.

My goal for this blog, was to help people understand what social media is and what it can do.  Our generation is so strong about technology, that we sometimes forget how to pick up a book, or spent time with your friends, like the olden days.

Just remember, to not ALWAYS go on Facebook, Twitter , etc, when you are with your friends or family time. You can go on online when your free and bored. Remember, everyone has a voice and they want to listen to it, that’s why we have tongues. For the older generation, if you have kids or going to have kids in the future, please show them how to have fun without the internet. There are so many ways to communicate besides internet, or texting. Be safe and don’t text and drive, because a text can wait.

To sum it all up, I hope I helped you understand what social media is.  As again, if you want me tow rite anything else about the social media life, I will glady help you. I enjoyed writing my blogs, and I will continue writing them. Happy Holidays!!!



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