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Are icons important in the social media world?

Published November 22, 2013 by jewing27


Do you wish you were the one creating the icons?

In our world as of today, we rely on icons because they are pictures and it’s easier to remember what it is. Well, in our social media world, we have different icons for each media link. For example, Twitter, we have a blue bird or a letter “T”. Do you ever wonder, where people get those ideas?

For Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said, “I made it “Facebook” blue because I’m color-blind.”  The Facebook symbol  is the word “Facebook” in white lettering and a blue background shape as a rectangle. Do you think the Facebook icon is boring? Do you wish other social media icons were simple or more creative?

I think we need our icons to be more creative, and for me as a girl standing point, “cuter”. When you are on your own website, do you wish you could fix the icons to match your theme? Well, there is a way to do it. Go to, Real world Graphics to create your own icon. There are other websites out there to create your own icon, just go to Google and type in “icon generator” or “Icon maker”.

Icons can help lots of people in different ways.

  1. Icons can attract others
  2. Icons can increase readability
  3. Icons can be put as a content

You usually see an icon/symbol every time you go to a website. For example, on wordpress.com , you see the letter W with a blue circle around it. Or if you are on Google, you see the letter G with blue around it. Those are icons that you probably don’t even notice. Pictures and symbols are with a thousand words. You see a picture in the front page of a newspaper and you are intrigued to read it now because you want to know what else happened or to get more information out of it. Icons are a different way to advertise your website. For the readability part above, that means you just don’t want plain old bullets, you want other designs. For example, stars, check marks, squares, and etc.

You think about how icons can afflict on you.

“How and Why Icons improe improve web design” Nikolaj Mertz (august 7, 2012) www. blog.usabilla.com http://blog.usabilla.com/how-and-why-icons-improve-you-web-design/

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