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What is Civil Disobedience in the Social Media?

Published October 30, 2013 by jewing27


The definition of “Civil Disobedience” is a social control refers generally to societal and political mechanisms or processes that regulate individual and group behavior in an attempt to gain conformity and compliance to the rules of a given society, state, or social group. A better way to put that is when people protest and who refuse to obey the laws of the government, and want to change things.  The problem about the disobedience with others, they can either hurt people, kill, or just cause an annoyance to the public. In our social world, protesting is such a great idea, because it will hit to the media. We get what we want, and we have to fight for it.

For example, I just recently watch documentation on “The Pussy Riots” and it takes place in Moscow, Russia. It’s about these three women who protest on what Putin (the government of Russia), on to what he has to say. The girls were biased against everything about Putin’s laws and rules. They wanted to stand up for themselves and others, but eventually they got caught during a church (cathedral) form of act. They went to prison for two years, one got out because she was not guilty. But as again, these women didn’t want to hurt anyone, they just wanted to make a statement on what they believed was right.

In the social media world, civil obedience can take place in many ways. Usually when a “riot” or a “protest” happens, it gets small and then bigger. When it gets bigger, and it’s about something extremely serious, that’s when it hits the television channels, Youtube, newspapers and other media.  Usually, this happens in an hour or in a couple of hours later and it would say, “breaking news”.

When you are living in a country, you should always follow the rules and the laws that the government or even the President have made. We have governments and a President in almost every country just to keep us (humans) all safe. Yes, the government at some point will have a breakdown period, but we are not perfect. For example, the government shut down in the fall of  2013. Our Government decided to shut down because of the Obama Care, because they didn’t want to sign it. Obama kept on giving them the contract to sign, but they (The Congress) kept on refusing, and that’s when it made a bigger issue. Eventually, a couple weeks later, the Government finally opened because they noticed that they caused such a chaos decision and hopefully won’t do it again.

Another issue with the government on Social media is cell phones. A year ago, the government now can hack through your calls and record them if they hear any mysterious callings. I think this is a good idea, and how do you know that the government wasn’t recording your phone calls before. It’s not a big deal. Pretty much you can record your phone calls or go to your company and get your account and see all the details, it’s simple as pie.

Back to the social media part, when something like that happens, it’s now in the public and the publicity loves the attention because they get paid for it. Also, when these things happen, it’s open for all ages because anyone can go look at a TV or go on the internet or even read a newspaper if they wanted to. The one thing that I have noticed when something went wrong in the world (chaos), I noticed that it’s already on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other sites. I feel like I don’t even have to at the television. For me, I don’t watch TV that much when I am at school, so Facebook is like a news station for me, because I see other people’s comments/statuses about what happened in the world. IT’s sort of sad, but our society, is now trusting the media world, and we have to trust it back.

Our society is strong, especially when we are involving on showing the whole world. It’s now this thing called the “news” and us people, love to hear about all of the drama. Also, we wouldn’t know any of other civil disobedience if we hadn’t had any social media. We need jobs, so we have “news people” to tell us the information on what is going around the world.  My question is would you be safe if we hadn’t known about anything except in the country that you are living in? What if you wanted to travel, but you wanted to know if that country had a war, or other troubles/problems. This is when Social Media hits to the public. Yes, in most cases it gets out to the public, but then it stay to the public way too long, and we get annoyed about it. When it’s in the public, whoever and whatever the situation is, they are trying to make a statement, and then there are other people who want to protest against on what they are protesting on. So the media loves the good and the bad side of any situation.

I wouldn’t be safe if there wasn’t any media in the world, would you?

Here’s a video:


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