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My ways on how I promoted my blog

Published November 13, 2013 by jewing27

ImageImageA blog is when you write a topic that you are interested in and tell people on what you know or how you feel about that topic. To be able to do that, you need to promote your page and show it to the world and not just your friends. The best way to start promoting your blog is to send out an e-mail to mostly everyone in your address book and send the link to the e-mail. But, now days, you need to do more than that. I will be telling you, how I promoted my blog page and the pros and cons to my steps on promoting my page. 

In today’s business world, we need to advertise as much as we can to attack and gain customers or other business companies. Most of the times, when you are promoting a business you need to pay money to promote your page. Paying money to promote your page can be faster and a little more efficient.”Who wants to pay when you can get it for free.”  For me, I am a student and I just want to get other people’s attention to look at my blog without paying. I think my way is a lot more challenging than paying to promote your blog, but as again this is my opinion. It is also time consuming, but it all ends well.

You first have to do research on what websites you want to advertise. I wanted to be a little more creative, I have been promoting my blog with other social media websites. Here are some of my links that I have been using with other social media sites:   Social Media Facts  , Twitter#it352 , Foursquare .  The links that I just showed you, I had to advertise my blog page to other bloggers. I usually said, “Hey, I am college student taking a social media course, I would like you to check out my website and maybe right a comment on any of my blogs. I would appreciate it. Thanks.”

I picked those links because “Most” people have a Facebook, Twitter, and pinterest, etc. I didn’t want to go a random site that other people would have to sign up.

The worst part is probably waiting for a response, or how many views or “likes” you got on each of your websites. The first week I didn’t get any responses, but I did look at my statistics report, and I saw some views and a visitor on my blog page. Unfortunately, no one has commented on my blogs, but at least other people look at it. You have to start slow, like baby steps, and then gradually build up. I’m not asking for a million or thousand followers, I just want people to look at my blog so I can help them with any information about social media.

Later on, I noticed that I needed to change some of my subject topics, to make it more interesting and catch people’s eyes. I also went on to other bloggers websites and saw what they had for ideas, and I searched in promotion bloggers to get some ideas. To be honest, promotions stink and I just wish you could just put something out there once and not a million times to find people to follow you. It’s such a silly thing that we do and we waste our time and sometimes money. But, if you do have follows like me, I do have to keep up my blog page, and my other pages that I have created to attract other bloggers. It’s such a hard job to do, that I should be getting paid to do this. Just kidding, I’m only a student that’s taking a social media course. But, later on in life, if I ever need to promote something, I will definitely have enough experience to do so.

I will still continue to promote my blog to the world, even when I am done with my class. As again, you have to be patient, and stay calm. If you haven’t looked, I added a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest tag below each of my posts. I have made some new followers on each of my pages, and will update on them each time. My post is a brief blog on the steps to promoting my blog page, if you would like more, please comment below, and I will happily tell you more about my experience.

Do you think promoting a blog is hard without having to pay? How many followers would you like to have on your blog? How successful were you when you first started to promote?


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First Post: The things Social Media Can Do To People

Published September 25, 2013 by jewing27

computer-clipart[1] My meaning of Social Media is a website that connects with people over multiple networks. There are plenty of networks out there, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking website, Twitter is a self posting status updates, Tumblr is a well-known blog and Instagram is people sharing photos and videos. All of these websites are all well –known and are growing higher and higher to our social life as of today.

I read an article named “what’s wrong with the modern world” by Jonathan Franzen and he has lots of pros and cons about what social media is doing to our world. One of my cons about his article is that he didn’t really relate to a certain age and the location (where) social media was hitting the most. I am arguing about this because not everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, etc, or even internet. Also, my grandma doesn’t have any accounts related to social media besides e-mail, so Jonathan is a little wrong about that fact. My positive agreement about his article is that I do think social media is sort of ruining our social lives and behavioral issues. Jonathan has great points and views about how he feels, but as again I feel like he over-reacting.

Did you know that Social Media is ruining our lives slowly? Do you agree with this question? I went researching and I found an article that social media can slowly ruin our behavior towards life. The article is called “Is Social media ruining your life?” by Ernest Ward Jr. DVM. This man is my hero, I say this because he actually set rules to his social networking to regular lifestyle. For example, he doesn’t go on Facebook, Twitter, or even texting after 9pm because that’s how he was raised and he doesn’t want to get attached to a computer screen or a phone screen. He actually enjoys talking with friends person to person and doing fun activities instead of reading screens all day about your friends. One thing that he enjoys is eating dinner with his family and not taking out their phones during a meal time. I agree with him because people don’t need to be on phones and networking every minute of their lives. You were born to do things without the computer, and everyone has talents and do it.  

In the world of today, there are people who are addicted to social networking, such as Facebook. I read an article named, Twitter and Facebook ‘addicts’ suffer withdrawal symptoms by Mathew Sparkes. This article is about students doing a study on people being addicted to Twitter and Facebook and then they were asked to stop using the network for four weeks.There is a really good expression about people being addicted to social media and it is called “Cut off from the world” and that means you are isolated from friends and family. There were studies that there was a girl who didn’t even communicate to her family all week because her social media was way more important than spending time with her family. I think that is really sad because you need to get off social media and live your regular life as well. Social media isn’t everything and it can’t do lifestyle things. There was a woman in Germany that didn’t go on Facebook for a week, and she was catching up with her chores, homework, spending time with her daughter and her husband. I think addicts shouldn’t have children or family because it seems that they will forget about their family and this could be some child harassment. I like this study, and I think there should be more out there and help people who are addicts to social media. WE need to learn to live regugarly and not be mesmerized by a technology that can be in our pockets, or two feet away from us. Our world with technology is getting bigger, and so will social media, we need to fix these problems before social media hurts us.

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